Heather Pfefferkorn

Heather is the current owner of The Pillars, a Southern Event Venue.

Heather has built an excellent reputation with her creative ideas, eye for design and impeccable attention to detail. Her enthusiastic personality, combined with a genuine commitment to making every event flawless, has made her one of the Gulf Coast's most sought after event planners.

Heather is a Midwestern girl loving life in the South! Born and raised in Illinois, she moved to the South to attend the College of Art at East Carolina University. Having spent nearly twenty five years in the Special Events and Hospitality Industry, Heather and her husband, David, now call Alabama home.

"Southern Hospitality & Entertaining has always been my passion...a passion that jumpstarted a career path that has allowed me to combine my creativity with my aptitude for organization and project management."

"I love bringing people together and creating memories that bring joy and laughter...memories that last a lifetime."