The Pillars


Our beautiful century old landmark boasts a rich history and elegant heritage in the port city.

It all began in 1910 when Dr. Parker Glass broke ground and built the 8,000 sq. foot stone, villa-style home. By the late 1920's Dr. Parker sold the home to Senor Guillermo(William) Valenzuela, then a Guatemalan counsel-general to Mobile. His family resided there until 1939

In 1939 the stately family mansion was converted to a boarding house for young women and then opened as The Grey Stone Lodge, For Discriminating Tourists.

After several years of vacancy, Mr. Filippo Milone purchased the home in 1976 restoring it and opening The Pillars Restaurant.  This upscale dining facility catered to Gulf Coast Diners and Tourists for the next 26 years solidifying it's history in the hearts and minds of the good people of Mobile and surrounding areas.

In 2002 Filippo retired and sold the business to Matt and Regina Shipp and they opened Justine's at The Pillars. The restaurant successful thrived for 8 years.

Mr. Bill Cutts purchased the century-old landmark in 2011 and begins the necessary repairs, which were completed in 2013.

On April 1, 2015, The Pillars of Mobile, A Great Southern Event Venue is opened.  Heather Pfefferkorn is the proud owner and operator of this magnificent venue. She has created a modern feel to this historic landmark allowing clients to create their dream event.

The Pillars has large windows which permit a wealth of natural light. High ceilings, beautiful chandeliers, historic Bellingrath tiles and eight fire places made of either marble or mahogany all add to the ambience.

The atrium is adorned with a large 150 year old stained glass window rumored to have been acquired from and undisclosed brothel in New Orleans. In addition to the main event space, there is a built-in-bar and reception area adorned with an antique Steinway Baby Grand Piano.

The present and future of our beautiful space is you! Come join us and let us help you plan and celebrate your greatest life moments.